Our philosophy

At Mapture.ai we believe that in the near future, most drones will operate autonomously. Our aim is to minimise the human involvement in drone flying. From take-off to the execution of the mission, returning to home position and landing: the drone should take care of all those tasks, without the need for human supervision: launch and forget, so to speak.

Of course the current regulations for RPAS don’t allow for fully automated drones in open airspace. Therefore we design systems that still allow for manual override procedures. That way the operator can focus 100% at the task at hand without worrying about the drone operation, and only intervenes when needed.

In order to create true autonomous drone solutions we develop our own control systems, which are implemented on existing drone hardware with open source flight controllers. In addition we develop fully automated launch systems which can be mounted on boats, cars or even motorcycles.

Our design principles:

  • Small is safe
  • Design with regulations in mind
  • Launch and forget